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Lights, Camera, Action

4 February 2013

Monday 4th February:-Scouts – Meeting Report. Todays Meeting Kicked Off with Richard leading the Flag Break, then quickly into Ian Hopkins photography presentation using the Groups newly acquired projector. A fast paced overview of Photographic styles, then Camera types and gadgets, shutters, apertures, Films, grain and resolution, Digital and non digital media. Lenses, Filters, tools and how many feet on my stand? Get the Idea boys, then off to the Churchyard to play at David Bailey, or Andy Warhol,

Wow, low shutter speed and lights, some real teamwork and as all art forms should be – a message – a pathway – so subtle, yet succinctly put  – SCOUTS – PHOTO – BADGE……. yes we get the message

Remember Boys – 12 Photos that cover the range – in return one badge well and truly earnt.

Thanks again Ian excellent Meeting.


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