On your Marks- 6th Annual LEGO Racers CHALLENGE

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On your Marks- 6th Annual LEGO Racers CHALLENGE

24 March 2013

25th March 2013 – LEGO RACERS….With a splendid turn out a full set of Racers were on show see photos, This Years Winners – Everyone..

But Bigger Eggs went to Scouts:-  Josh D (Fast and Furious***), Theo (Cannonball Runner), Matthew Connor (Fatal Attraction***), Josh P (Mad Max**). Cubs:- Luke Wightman (Fast and Furious), Gabriel Whalley (Cannonball Runner), Matthew Pierce (Fatal Attraction***),Nathaniel Hughes (Mad Max***),  Great Stuff – More Stuff soon.


Hello All


Just a reminder that on Monday 25th March we will be holding the 6th Annual LEGO Racers Challenge.

Open to Both Cubs and Scouts.

Build from LEGO 1 or 2 Racers, constructions not to be a kit. All entries must be able to carry a Chocolate egg over the course(s).


FOUR (4) Prizes for each Section up for grabs:-

  1. Fast and Furious VI.. Fastest Racer from Top of inclined plane to finish tape and recorded on the stop watch.
  2. Cannonball Run.. Farthest traveling again from top of inclined plane – surprisingly to be measured with a tape.
  3. Fatal Attraction..Best Looking, Sleek, Gorgeous, Beautiful – best designed, be it Andy Warhol, Norman Foster, Leonardo da Vinci, Ian Callum or Giorgetto Giugiaro (see pics)220px-DeLorean_DMC-12_with_doors_openNissan-R390200px-Leonardo_tank220px-Facinterior
  4. Mad Max..Most Awesome, Wicked, Bizzare – Monstrous or Evil piece of Lego that your strange little minds can conjure.
  5.  Lego_Racer_1