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Up Up and away… well nearly.

19 March 2013

Monday 18th March – the great balloon launch!

Plan A
The plan to launch an assortment of helium balloons from Clitheroe Castle, each with a message and return email address so that we can hopefully find out how far they go.

Unfortunately we hit a slight technical issue – one helium balloon is not enough to lift a very light letter. In true Scouts style some quick replanning and we were back on track, with multiple balloons holding a message from groups not individuals. Please return our message and a special email address written in 5 languages (European) just in case they go some distance and then on to plan B.

Plan B
Tracking of one of the balloons using a GPS tracker which will (if it works) upload its position live onto the internet. We’ll be able to see how far it has gone, how fast it is travelling and its altitude.

The problems in Plan A of weight to Balloon ratio, now causing as serious problems – 10 balloons not showing any sign of lifting the phone with gps tracker. A real shame as Richard had spent a considerable amount of time perfecting the GPS tracker side. Anyway we will try different balloons, hopefully at some point, so it could be another trip to the Castle!

Pictures from the night, and progress of the balloons are on the this page
Balloons – Where did they go?