Cubs & Scouts Waddecar Camp Details 17-19/5/2013 UPDATED Kit list added

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Cubs & Scouts Waddecar Camp Details 17-19/5/2013 UPDATED Kit list added

29 April 2013

Waddecar Group Camp No.1

Friday May 17th to Sunday May 19th 2013

Dear Parents,

The Leadership Team have decided to orgainise our first Camp of 2013. This will be on Friday 17th May 2013 to Sunday 19th May 2013 to the West Lancashire Scout Association campsite at Waddecar (North of Beacon Fell beyond Chipping).

Please Read this letter and the attached:-
1. Itinery,
2. Directions to Waddecar,
3. Contact details Sheet.
4. Permission Forms.
5. Kit List (see below)

Please Print off fill in and sign both the Camp Permission Form and the Activities Permission Form.

For those who have been to Waddecar previously and wish to make their own way there we look forward to seeing you and your Cub/Scout in Uniform with Necker and Kit outside the Lodge at Waddecar at 7:00 pm on Friday night.
For those who have not been before and wish to follow others who have I suggest meeting at Edisford Car Park by the Swimming Pool at 6:00 pm from where we will set off in groups to Waddecar with the intention of getting everyone there for 7:00 pm

We presume that Parents can sort out some measure of Car sharing.

The camp will qualify all who attend for Additional Nights counting towards their Night Away Staged Awards
It will also qualify towards the Outdoor Challenge (that is if they have not already got it).
It will also count for those boys who attend as part of the Camper Badge.

Scouts will be required to mostly organise and look after themselves under supervision. They will be expected to keep their Dormitories clean and tidy, prepare and cook their own food and contribute to the overall running of the event. Additionally if numbers are such then the Scouts may be expected to pitch and strike their own tents.
Cubs will also be required to keep their Dormitories clean and tidy, they will be expected to contribute to the preparation of food, and will be organised into a washing up and cleaning ROTA.

Everyone will be expected to look after themselves and their own kit..

We will also complete another part of the Cub/Scout Entertainer Activity Badge by getting all those attending to prepare for some form of entertainment. I am open to other plays or sketches if the boys so choose. The boys MUST bring at least 1 JOKE plus a POEM plus a prayer (written by themselves or chosen by themselves). In addition we will try to complete both the Cub Adventure Activity Badge and possibly some of the Map Reader Activity Badge.

The activities on site that I intend booking are sessions of Archery or Air Rifle Shooting.

Please can all parents take the time to impress on their offspring how important it is that they behave during these potentially dangerous activities. Any boy not behaving, endangering themselves or others through their actions will be immediately removed and their Parents rung to take them home. I MUST HAVE the activities form filled in and signed.

Please, Please PLEASE can parents encourage their young to eat what is available and cooked, when catering on Camp there can be no individual meals. Nothing is more likely to make their stay unpleasant that being hungry. Obviously any allergies should be notified. (Any vegetarians will also be catered for(Probably by being eaten by some hungry non vegetarians!).

Any Illnesses should be notified and the Boys must be sent with both sun cream and a Sun Hat. I would also suggest Insect repellent. Any medication that the boys require must also be notified in writing with the required dosages and any other instructions clearly stated.

We will be hiking (on Saturday morning) so they will need appropriate Footwear and Clothing. Please consult the kit list enclosed – But please use common sense. Please also note that the list is a guideline and each boy should be FORCED to give thought to what he actually needs and where it is located in his Pack/Rucksac. Please note and make your child aware that I am “NOT HIS MOTHER” and will not find his toothbrush, waterproof coat, sleeping bag sac etc. Such requests provoke excessive amounts of Sarcasm on my part and once started it becomes difficult to stop… Please try to keep the amount of clothes sent to a reasonable level, many will never wear that 4th pair of trousers you put in (actually many never wear the second pair). Socks are Important and wet ones must be changed but Undies (well I would be amazed if any Beaver, Cub or Scout changed theirs this or any Camp weekend I have ever been on). Pajamas I have seen a cub wearing them back in 1997 usually they sleep in their undies/short and T-shirts. Day Packs are essential these should (must) have straps and ideally waterproofed (Nikwaxed) for clarity a day pack is a small napsack or backpack of approximately 20-25 Litrse capacity such as many use to take stuff to school large enough for a waterproof, Hat, suncream, Lunch and ½ Litre water bottle..

Again I would like to invite any parent(s) who fancies joining in or helping to keep an eye on the lads (or just likes playing with fires, outdoor cooking or just getting away from it all) to come along and join in. I would be delighted if parents or families came along on the morning walks or visiting the site during the day. Please if you can let me know but do not let that stop you visiting or joining in. Without those extra pairs of hands and eyes it is very difficult to make these events run smoothly. There are ratios that are required and we will be forced to refuse some boys if we do not get adults to come along. This Means I need 1 additional adult per 6 Cubs and I need 1 Adult for Beavers who is allowed under the scout rules to look after their own child plus 1 or 2 additional children (from the same family) upto a maximum of 4.

Can all parents arrange to collect their boys Sunday from the Camp Site at Waddecar. …………… 16:00 to 16:30 pm . Some sharing of the transport would be sensible but again we leave that upto yourselves to sort.
To cover the Lodge costs, Food and activities at Waddecar the Fee will have to be at £40 per child. Adults pay only a nominal fee of £5.00 per night (£10 for the full weekend) to cover the fee per night to camp plus a contribution towards food.
I hope your son thoroughly enjoys these Camps. A lot of that will depend on his attitude and willingness to fully join in. These outdoor activities are great fun, I hope this will encourage him to expand his horizons in the Scout Group…

Yours truly,
Chris Pickles
Group Scout Leader St Mary Magdalene Scout Group (Clitheroe)


Forms to download