Monday 10th June

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Monday 10th June

9 June 2013

Beavers – are learning knots want to practice in advance see

Cubs and Scouts

Water Jet Powered Rockets.

We will be sending as many Rockets skywards as we can manage in about 1 hour.

We will meet at the entrance to the Castle Grounds on Moor Lane Opposite Honeywell’s Estate Agency.

Can the Boys bring a few plastic bottles (no glass bottles please) with tight fitting corks.

Also if they can:-
Ideally also an adaptor for a bicycle pump to inflate a football.
A Bicycle Pump.
A bottle or carrier with Water such as a 2 litre pop bottle or Cordial bottle.
Some sort of Launcher.

Any Dad’s wanting to come along are always welcome.
A few extra Cordless drills with small drill bits 1.0, 1.5 or 2,0mm ideally.

The Boys will probably get wet – they will be trying very hard to….

See the URL below for ideas.

Really Cool Video – well sort off

or from NASA

But possibly the Best is this