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Dragon’s Den Apprentice – You’re Hired – The Results

22 July 2013

Well tonight saw the final of the Dragon’s Den Apprentice Challenge.

Wow what a series of entrepreneurs we have, with money making schemes ranging from

  • “bob a job” activities,

    to many cookery apprentices serving up :-

  • cookies,
  • casseroles & soups,
  • sweets,
  • cakes,
  • buns
    that including Market stalls at the end of season Bar-b-q, Schools, Farmers Markets and others.

    Non food activities included:

  • a Quiz about Scouts & local area (which turned out to be like a entry exam for Mensa!),
  • to a Picture tombola of activities completed throughout the year.

With a few people still to return their loan (if you have not and I am NOT aware of it please contact me).

We have currently made a profit of £328.23, which is absolutely fantastic – Well Done everyone.

Prizes awarded to Josh (Scouts) & Gabriel (Cubs) for the largest profit – between them generating over £180 pounds.

Best ideas going to Louis (Cubs), and it was a close run thing between Harry and Paul for the Scouts – Harry just getting the judge’s decision, but in the end they shared the prize!

Enjoy the Summer – we start back on 9th Sept, and don’t forget our next fund raising activity Bag packing at Sainsbury’s 21st Sept!.