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Cubs & Scouts – The Great Easter Egg Race – 28th April 2014

29 March 2014

The 6th Annual St Mary Magdalene Scout Group Great Easter Egg Race Challenge!!!

Parents who are of a certain age may remember a television programme called The Great Egg Race, presented by a rather eccentric bloke called Heinz Wolff. The purpose of the programme was for contestants to see how far they could transport an egg (unbroken) in a home-made vehicle made from junk and powered by only an elastic band.

For those too young, or those who wish to re-kindle memories please see

For the last five years we have held our own version of the Great Egg Race with the Cubs and Scouts. Those who have taken part will remember that each year this was a superb evening with some really creative engineering and much friendly rivalry. Scrapheap Challenge met the Eggs Factor and the results are always truly awesome.

Read last year’s report and photos at

The challenge – to transport a chocolate creme egg as far as possible using the power of only a single rubber band

The Challenge will be held as follows:
Date:               Monday April 28th 2014
Time:              7.00-8.30 ish (judging sometimes takes us slightly over time)

Venue:           St Mary’s as usual

Because this is a somewhat complex challenge, over the last few years we have come to consider this to be what is called a “Dads and Lads” event where the Cubs/Scouts bring an adult and work as a team. Of course this does not have to be a Dad – it can be a Mum, Auntie, Granddad, older sibling, next-door-neighbour, whoever can be persuaded (and who should ideally have a degree in advanced Mechanical Engineering).
You get the idea, Parents or whoever please please come and help out, and have fun or embarrass yourself (I do..)
The idea behind this is to involve family or friends in the fun things we do with Scouts.

Because we know that not all parents
a) will be able to come, and
b) know anything about engineering, we would suggest the following:

All adult/child pairs to offer a place to 1 or 2 children who cannot bring their own adult. Teams will therefore be made up of up to 4 individuals.

Cubs/Scouts who cannot bring a family member thus can “buddy up” to join in with an existing team.
Ideally experienced teams who are into their third or fourth year to partner with less experienced novices.

If possible the buddy (or “Guest Engineer”!) to be involved in the advance planning as well as on the night
there will be a sign-up sheet on the noticeboard, and if technology works on the website – a first for this year (see below). But teams are encouraged to pre-register by sending an email with the Teams Name and team members names, eg. Team Name – “Sickly Egg Noggs”, Team Members – Tom, Dick and Harry Bloggs.

Link for Apple users –

see bottom of post for registered teams todate.

The rules of the St Mary Magdalene Scout Group Great Easter Egg Race Challenge (hereafter referred to as the SMMSG-GEERC) will be as follows. Please note that yet again as in previous years due to some very dubious (although highly successful) methodology being employed by previous years’ winning teams, the rules have AGAIN been amended slightly for 2014.

1. The rubber band MUST be integrated into the vehicle and must travel with it across the start line (assuming the vehicle actually makes it across the start line…..) AND the finish line.
2. Vehicles must run on the ground. (no Projectiles, no gliders, Definitely NO Rockets!)
3. No “catapult” type arrangements using the rubber band for launching.
4. The rubber band provided must be the ONLY source of power, No Batteries, No Sails. The Standard Rubber Band for this Year is a 150mm x 6mm band. This will be provided on the night. Participants cannot provide their own super-long, extra stretchy, mega-powerful industrial-strength rubber bands to gain an unfair advantage.
5. Participants are allowed to plan their vehicle / draw diagrams in advance and may bring any such plans with them on the night of the SMMSGGEERC.
6. Vehicles should be constructed entirely from junk such as packaging, odds and ends, boxes, plastic, cardboard, anything else you can find lying around the house.
7. There MUST NOT be any full or part Construction sets such as Lego, Meccano etc.
8. There MUST NOT be and toy vehicles such as toy racing cars, trains or similar (these may NOT be used in whole or in part).
9. Participants must bring with them all construction MATERIALS they will require, so start collecting NOW! There may be the possibility of trading spare items with other teams on the night but this should not be relied upon as a source of materials as other teams may well be too mean to swap.
10. Although participants may plan their vehicle beforehand, NO ADVANCE CONSTRUCTION OF ANY TYPE may take place before the night.
11. Participants should bring with them materials such as glue, sticky tape, scissors etc. Any Cub / Scout / parent who superglues him / herself to their vehicle and requires medical attention WILL BE DISCQUALIFIED.
12. Eggs will be provided, although to avoid mess may well be hard-boiled. Or chocolate (THEY WILL BE CHOCOLATE). You will be issued “Payload” (Cadbury’s Creme Egg), on the night along with your elastic band
13. Build time for the SMMSGGEERC will be ONE HOUR with 15 mins racing time at the end.
14. Under no circumstances will any live animal be allowed as part of the unit, specially trained Squirrels, Gerbils or Fleas are now BANNED on the advice of the the Group Health and Safety Gnome.

Prizes will be awarded for:-
1. the furthest distance travelled (providing the egg is intact).
2. Most Innovative Design.
3. Best Looking Vehicle (Aesthetic – Pleasing).
4. Most Bizarre, Dangerous, or Evil Looking.
Prizes will be in the recognized STMMSG currency of chocolate!.

The judge (s) – Rev Andy Froud has been confirmed as head judge again this year – decision will ALWAYS however unfair be final.

I hope you will enter into the spirit of the SMMSGGEERC and I look forward to seeing you all on April 28nd 2014.

If you have any queries please feel free to speak to email or ring one of the leadership team
Good luck, get recruiting your team members, get collecting junk, and get planning!!

Yours in Scouting on the behalf of all the leadership team.