We are collecting Sainsbury’s active vouchers

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We are collecting Sainsbury’s active vouchers

20 March 2014

This year we are collecting Sainsbury’s active vouchers.

This will help us provide some additional equipment free to the troop. Every little helps, collect a lot of vouchers and we can replace one of our old tents, small number provides orienteering equipment, parachutes or rounders bats.

Some ideas of what we could obtain are:

Download (PDF, 172KB)

Vango 4 man tent  Vouchers needed: 2,807
Value ball pack  Vouchers needed: 1,761
Rainbowchute Color Assorted Size 6m  Vouchers needed: 1,553
Rechargeable lantern Vouchers needed: 1,289
Vango Storm shelter  Vouchers needed: 902
Pop-up junior goal  Vouchers needed: 788
Rainbowchute Color Assorted Size 3.7m  Vouchers needed: 756
Rounders post and base set Vouchers needed: 702
Compact gas stove Vouchers needed: 659
Orienteering flags Size 15 x 15cm  Vouchers needed: 511
Vango dry bag Size Large  Vouchers needed: 442
Compasses  Vouchers needed: 380
Scoop set  Vouchers needed: 286
Training tracks  Vouchers needed: 194
Sequencing spots  Vouchers needed: 170
Blindfold pack  Vouchers needed: 135
dsx Folding hurdle Size 50cm  Vouchers needed: 116
Cutlery set Vouchers needed: 505
Soft discus  Vouchers needed: 76
Velcro® pyramid bean bags  Vouchers needed: 51

Total value 14,083

Please help us get some of our equipment off our wishlist, by giving vouchers into the leaders.

Help us further by nominating us and we could win our wishlist

Nominate us here

Nominate STMMSG to win

Or go to http://www.Sainsburys.co.uk/ActiveKids and search for BB7 in the Postcode finder on the homepage and follow the instructions to nominate us St Mary Magdalene’s.