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STMMSG Scouts Code of Conduct

12 October 2014

As a Scout, I promise to …


Listen to leaders and other Scouts when they are talking. Listen and be listened to.

Listen to what you are being told and carry out instructions, once set


Shows respect (including their opinions) for other Scouts, leaders and self

Respect the environment

Respect and look after after your own, others and Group equipment/possessions

Scouts must be quiet and respectful of our neighbours and other users of the Community centre.

Show due respect and consideration when in a public place


not bully other members of the troop

not talk during Flag Break

not deliberately put myself or others in danger

not use foul language

not be disruptive

not bring knives, including pocket knives, unless told to


Have fun, try new things and learn new skills

Treat other people how I would like to be treated myself

Keep my mobile phone turned off and put away. If I need to make an emergency call / text I will ask one of the leaders.

Let a Leader know if I can’t attend.

Let a Leader know if I am unhappy with anything within the Troop.

Make everyone feel welcome

Act as a positive role model to the younger troop members

Keep the Scout promise and laws


Enjoy myself in Scouting

Oh…  and

When you are out you are out – The leaders decision is final

As a leaders, we promise to …

Organise a range of fun and interesting activities

Treat everyone fairly