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Whos brave enough to be an Apprentice in the Dragon’s Den

12 June 2016

The ‘Dragon’s Den Apprentice returns

It’s back, it’s been a while, and by popular demand oh ok really it’s because we need to do some fund raising, towards some new camping gear – this weekend showed that some of our tents at getting old (they have done well) but with all that water – we needed to employ some emergency first aid on some.

Please see the electronic form below to show your support or not: THE STMMSG BANK OPENS MONDAY 20th JUNE.

Some of you maybe aware that St Mary’s has already played it’s part in an Olympian journey with the Kayaking success of Jon Schofield, and we wish Jon every success in Brazil and hope he can improve on his London Medal haul (Bronze in Mens K2 200m).

But can we create the next Richard Branson or Alan Sugar, with our Dragon’s Den Apprentice end of term event.

So are you brave enough to be the Sorcerer’s apprentice and enter the den – the Dragon’s Den, and pitch your ideas to generate some profit.

The rules are simple

1. Unlike the TV’s Dragon’s Den when you get 3 minutes to win the Dragons over. We have faith in you, the Bank of STMMSG will loan you £10 to start up your own business, however the Dragon lords of Phil “Deborah Meaden”, Ian “Peter Jones”, Paul “Duncan Bannatyne”, Andy “Kelly Hoppen or is it Theo Paphitis” and Stuart “Hilary Devey”, have a 100 interest in your company ie we get all the profits – It is for fund raising!.

2. You can do anything you like to raise income from your £10 but it must be legal, ie no holding beavers or sisters for a ransom fee etc.

3. If you don’t wish to take part please just return the loan ie the tenner, or don’t fill in the paperwork. Obviously we would like you to have a go as every little helps even 1p! If every Cub and Scout just raises £5 that’s £150 which will buy a new tent plus.

4. Unfortunately as this is a fund raising activity I am sorry if your business falls you must return the loan so be careful. The risk is all yours!

5. All Businesses will be closed before and monies returned on a our end of season Bar-b-q Monday 25th July, hint this may give an ideal opportunity to raise some extra cash (as long as you are not selling burgers sausages or drinks, ie stepping on the Dragon Lord’s toes they can get very angry!). If you are using that night you must be able to declare your profit and return funds that night, and not miss out of the fun!

6. The Dragon’s decision on a winner will be final and legally binding the prizes will probably be standard Stmmsg bank currency ie chocolate related. The prize categories will be largest profit and best business idea (you’re hired)

The STMMSH Bank will open 20th June so start thinking.

So in Summary we loan you £10, you invest it how you wish to return a profit, a minimum of £10 must be returned with hopefully a profit. The result you get new gear to camp in.

Good luck

Ian (Peter Jones)

Note this is ONLY open for Cubs and Scouts, unless any Beavers really want a go.