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Helping Out

In order to complete activities, in a safe manner we are governed by the POR – Policy, Organisation and Rules

Link to POR

The POR stipulates a min Young Person to Adult ratio
Beavers: 1 to 6
Cubs: 1 to 8
Scouts: 1 to 12
All plus one spare leader. So 12 Cubs requires 3 Adults!

In order to do this we need help, and also for times when the leaders have other commitments like work!

So how can you help:

  • Help on a meeting night – this can be occasionally
  • Help with special activities – like a hike, or a trip away
  • Help Camping  – either full-time, with the catering, or for a short time
  • Help if you have a hobby that you can teach the group
  • Good at Administration – there is a lot of this that goes on in the background.
  • Join the Executive Committee (Executive Committee roles)


Whatever it is, please don’t be afraid to come forward – we love extra help.

Remember some of the leaders now don’t even have troop members anymore.

If you want to help out we would ask you to become either a Occasional Helper or a Sectional Assistant

More details on the differences,

Differences in roles

But simply:

Occasional Helpers – are not formal members of the Scouting association
Sectional Assistant – This means you become a member of the Scouting movement, but gives you added protection and insurance. There are some training requirements but these can be spread out etc. (See Training)

More Sectional Assistant info

Becoming either role in no shape or form means that you have to help every week, or commit to anything more than you are comfortable with!

What it does mean is that our young people have adequate protection and you training in how to do that.

A word of warning, this is how leaders quite often start – it can be addictive (if you are odd!)

If, however, you want to more you can be an Assistant or Sectional leader, these roles do require additional training

All Leaders roles link

Please don’t let the additional training requirements put you off as these can be spread over 2 years (I think). There are various ways to achieve this training, Group sessions, online, workbooks and accreditation of prior learning and experience.

You can start in a Sectional Assistant role and then move if you wish into a more involved role later.

To become a member please fill in the following form and then we can add you into the Compass (Scouts Membership system), this will then trigger the DBS check process.
Whats DBS see for more details

In order to complete the DBS we will need to see some ID docs, normally we need to see 3 however 1 must show current address, and corrent DOB (sounds silly but!!) – normal docs are :
– Passport current & valid
– Driving licence either photo or old paper
– Birth Certificate
– Marriage Certificate
Recent utility bill or council tax less than 3 months old

Once on the DBS system it does let you know when you have the correct and enough docs

Current Scout rules means all ID checks MUST be completed within 30 days of start or renewal dates, otherwise the role can be suspended.

the following link shows the types and suitability of ID

So still keen please fill in the details below, we will do the rest- Thanks in advance

See out Training page for more details and links to training courses.