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Why I Scout

Why? A Leaders view

There are times when as a Scout leader, you sometimes think why do I bother, or maybe it’s just me?

You have great plans to demonstrate something, it goes wrong, your plan doesn’t engage as you thought, they misbehave and maybe you feel like you are hitting your head against 20 odd brick walls.

Take last night, the plan to create a great masterpiece – an engineering structure that would look good, and potentially open the doors to a permanent feature on the camp site. The outcome lots of battles with rolled up paper, lots of mess on the floor, and oh a mess of a structure that looks nothing like a dome and if wasn’t for the 200 miles of masking tape would fall over if a mouse blew on it. Should have known rolled up paper the guaranteed red rag to a bull for Scouting battles. The Scouts did, however, seem to enjoy it, and we turned the disaster into a lessons learnt exercise about listening to instructions and being accurate. Bet they didn’t fall for that one, too clever by far.

So slightly deflated I returned home, I had been given a flash drive with a presentation that one of our Young leaders had given to the Cubs linked to his Duke of Edinburgh skills and volunteering section. I hadn’t seen it, but said I would share it on the website for the other sections.

I watched that couple of minutes video, and then released WHY, why we all do it, why we do keep coming back for more and bounce back after it all goes wrong, etc etc. Why because we giving our Young people experiences, challenges, helping them make friends, doing stuff that they may not do at home, and for some of them giving them future goals. It doesn’t matter how little you are involved or how much, you are providing them opportunity that may not be there if wasn’t for Scouting.

So if you want that opportunity to shape a young person’s future go on give it go, volunteer – you never know!!
You might have fun, make Friends and do stuff to (some new, some old)! I have!!!

Oh what was that video, look below

WHY I SCOUT – A Young Person’s View