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Linked to the pioneering badge, we have been practising Knots and building knot boards. Knots are best learnt by repeating them over and over again, and everyone learns in different ways, ie visual, words, diagrams to try and help I have put together the STMMSG Knot guide. See below have a go.

Download below

knots guide

Currently we are practicing knots below is a list of the first 8 basic knots and 3 additional. There are links to videos to assist.

Thumb Knot or Overhand Knot

Fishermans Bend (2 thumb knot on the bite)

Reef Knot (right over left – left over right)

Clove Hitch with loops (right hand over, right hand over second loop under first)

Clove hitch with rope end

Sheep Shank (right hand over, right hand over, right hand under – make the central loop captive and pull)

Figure of eight

Figure of 8 follow through

Double Figure of Eight

Round Turn and 2 half hitches

One Handed Bowline


After these standard eight simple knots

We also need to be able to do..

  1. Square lashing
  2. Diagonal lashing
  3. Sheer lashing.