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Tools – Knife’s etc


What is the Scout policy on the use of knives?

Knives should be considered as a tool and treated as such.
Those who are going to use them should get training for their use, as you would for a saw or an axe.

Knives are an offensive weapon so great care should be taken when dealing with them. 

Absolutely no inappropriate use of Knife’s will be tolerated.

When undertaking training at any Scout activity, appropriate knifes will be supplied.

Own knifes can be bought by Scouts, when appropriate and required by the activity, however please note:

Knives should be taken to and from the event by an adult, or stored in your rucksack out of easy reach and should be handed to a leader on arrival.

Whilst knifes are a “tool” there are obviously risks.

The above is a modified extract from the full Scout policy on Knifes which can be read:

There is also an interesting fact sheet

Excellent article on Knife safety via Frontier Bushcraft and Paul Kirtley

Fire Lighting Equipment

Equipment such as strike a lights, ferro rods and even lighters are another important Scout tool.

These again can be dangerous if used inappropriately ie wrong location and or wrong time. Again inappropriate use will not be tolerated.


Please no personal axes unless agreed with the leadership team.