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Welcome to STMMSG

Welcome to St Mary Magadalene Scout Group (STMMSG)

This page tries to capture the key information you need to be member of our Troop.

Welcome to the next stage of your adventure in Scouting, we will try and make it so you “Have Fun,  Make Friends, Do Stuff”, plenty of the later.


We meet Monday nights, Beavers and Cubs normally at St Mary’s Centre Clitheroe. Scouts meet at United Reformed Church Lower Hall.
Location link

Beavers 6 to 7pm
Cubs 7pm to 8pm
Scouts 7pm to 8:30pm


Beavers is via Emails from our Beaver Leader, soon via OSM (see below)

Cubs and Scouts utilise an online admin system called Online Scout Manager (or OSM) this handles basic and emergency contact information, badges, and our calendar – programme and special events.

Once registered  your can control your preferred email address (more than one if you wish).

This saves considerable time for our leaders.

Cubs and Scouts, and Group activities we tend to use an on-line form (event) via OSM to ask you whether you can or can’t attend events. Forms ensure that we have central record of who is and isnt attending, and is easy for the leaders to access, print out etc, and saves considerable time as we dont have to transpose email, text, written, verbal etc information. Deadlines are also important to ensure that we have sufficient time to plan, and ensure we have the correct Leader to member ratios to ensure a safe activity can go ahead.


We ask all sections to complete our initial online registration form, this captures the basic information we need to add you into OSM system. You will then receive a further email which will provide you access to OSM where you should enter contact details, medical information and emergency contact information.

Registration form

If your circumstances do change ie move house, doctor etc, please update information via OSM please remember it’s your responsibility to ensure you provide up to date emergency contact information.


Subs are now being collected via OSM and a Gocardless direct debit scheme, there is an option to pay monthly if required.


Beavers – wear Beaver sweater
Cubs – Cubs Jumper
Scouts – Scout shirt

On investiture you will be issued a Necker, please ensure that you look after this, as this is an important identification when outside. If you lose your necker you will be asked to fund a replacement

Uniform and neckers are to be worn correctly at Flag break and Flag down. 

Uniforms can be purchased online, or at Grays or Ribble Valley Supplies in Clitheroe.


We do have a code of Conduct which I would be grateful if you could read, this is more applicable to Cubs and Scouts



The latest programme is available on the website


During the Summer we tend to complete a lot of activities with Cubs &Scouts outside.  To be able to do this we need to ensure that we have the appropriate Adult to Scout/cub ratios. 

All sections do require additional support so if you are able to help out, or know somebody who could please let us know.

More information on helping out is available see link below



Information is available on Beaver Badges here

Information on Cubs Badges here

Badges are an important part of your Scouting adventure, however as you progress they do become more difficult to achieve ie Scout Badges are more difficult to achieve than Cubs, and can take a number of weeks to achieve, and do require Work at Home on some, but most importantly they do require you to listen!  A lot of them do, however, allow you to do more exciting things as in Navigation allows you to go on Hikes (unsupervised to a degree), but you need First Aid – just in case etc.  Pioneering (knots) allows you to build rafts and catapults and makes sure your hammock doesn’t fall down at night!

You can see more about the Scouts badges on the Scout Website (link below) please remember that not all badges have to be completed in Scouts, so if you have a hobby and we agree a plan you can work towards the badge outside (ie We have given a taster session on Scuba Diving previously but we can’t take 15 Scouts Scuba diving every week). 


Position of badges







This page has, hopefully, provided you with some useful information, any concerns or queries please contact any of the leaders or via email to web@stmmsg.net

Remember Enjoy your Scouting adventure Have Fun, Make Friends, Do Stuff