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Photographers Badge

After our start on Monday 4th Feb on the Photography badge, and our first attempts at Light Painting.


You can now seen Photos taken for the badge below, if you have not done yours yet see the bottom of the page:

Photography Badge
Photography BadgeFeb 25, 2013Photos: 74

To achieve the badge Scouts have to demonstrate knowledge of photography see what is required on scouts website

To do this you can either do a presentation/talk or have a go at my questionnaire below, remember there is no pass mark (- but you must get some right) just do your best!

If you want to do Video Photography please contact me.


Complete the requirements from one of the following alternatives:

Alternative A – still photography

Choose one of these two activities:

Produce twelve prints of photographs (negative or digital), taken by yourself, covering at least two different aspects from this list:


still life or similar

land or seascape

sport or similar action


time-lapse photography

Produce six black and white photographs where you have undertaken some part of the processing.



Alternative B – video photography

Produce at least two short films from two of the following categories:


music video etc for document consistent punctuation


situation comedy


training film



current affairs

A story board and script should be produced for each of these. The film can be edited ‘in camera’ or by using simple editing equipment.


Section B1 can be completed as a small group with each person taking a different responsibility, for example camera operator, director, or editor.