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During 2012/13 the Beaver section has (as normal) been very busy. See below for a selection of what they have been up to.

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What’s been happening

Waddecar Camp May 2013
Waddecar Camp May 2013May 21, 2013Photos: 92
Beavers in Hi VIs
Beavers in Hi VIsJul 18, 2013Photos: 3
Beavers Knight's adventure
Beavers Knight's adventureJul 18, 2013Photos: 19
Beaver Badge Collection
Beaver Badge CollectionJul 18, 2013Photos: 14
Beaver Chinese New Year
Beaver Chinese New YearJul 18, 2013Photos: 12
Beavers at Christmas
Beavers at ChristmasJul 18, 2013Photos: 30
Beavers First Aid
Beavers First AidJul 18, 2013Photos: 14
Beaver Poppy Parade
Beaver Poppy ParadeJul 18, 2013Photos: 8
Beavers St John Ambulance
Beavers St John AmbulanceJul 18, 2013Photos: 36
Beavers Brungerley Park
Beavers Brungerley ParkJul 18, 2013Photos: 25
Beavers Grass Sledging
Beavers Grass SledgingJul 18, 2013Photos: 17
Beavers at Spring Wood
Beavers at Spring WoodJul 18, 2013Photos: 18
Beavers Tent Pitching
Beavers Tent PitchingJul 18, 2013Photos: 15
Beavers at the River
Beavers at the RiverJul 19, 2013Photos: 6